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Life Academies Trust

Life Academies Trust

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Our People Strategy


As a Trust 

We will create a highly skilled, highly motivated and high morale staff workforce who feel empowered to deliver our vision of ‘improving lives through inspirational education’ for ‘every child every day’ irrespective of other circumstances surrounding this. 

For our Staff

1 - We will view the process of staff development and respond to individual staff development need in the same way as we view personalisation for children in the classroom - as paramount to our success. 

2 - We will recognise and constantly review the balance between ‘support and challenge’ to drive improvement and secure excellent outcomes and experiences for all children and staff. 

Our Strategic Drivers 

1 - Innovation (classroom, L&M, customer service and wider operations).

2-  Collaboration (open and reflective culture, open door ethos, ‘we share’).

3-  Constant and unshakeable child focus for all our work at all levels.

4 -  Constant and immovable focus on the delivery of high performance in  all areas. 

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