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Life Academies Trust

Life Academies Trust

Learn Innovate Flourish Excel

Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision:

Improving Lives through Inspirational Education 



We believe in the power of inspiration to empower children, young people and their families to work harder, aim higher and achieve more.

This desire to inspire is clearly ingrained in our day to day practice in every setting.


Our Mission:

Every Child Every Day



Children are individuals, each with a different set of diverse needs, some of which may change from day to day. Our focus is on structuring provision that can really respond to these needs, adapting and changing as fast as the needs do.

We know this is a ‘big ask’ for our staff as it’s an extremely high benchmark to set – but we employ great staff who believe this is possible and work tirelessly to achieve it. 

Our Values:

Learn, Innovate, Flourish, Excel


We are a learning organisation and high quality learning is at the centre of everything that we do; for our children, our families and ourselves. 

We will make a positive difference to the lives of all our children and young people by demonstrating integrity, honest and respect to all people in all matters at all times, learning from our mistakes and constantly striving to deliver the very best. 

Education isn't just about 'doing things right' - it's about 'doing the right thing for each and every one of our children and young people. 

This may be through providing quality experiences inside and outside of the classroom, working closely with our families or local community members, focussing on wider educational areas such as mental health or engaging with wider agencies to support specific needs, our focus is always on making things better for our children and young people by acting on what we've learned to make improvements.  

We fight for our children's welfare and well-being whatever their age, background or need.


We will embrace innovation, in all areas, in order to help us improve. We will accept challenges that others may not in order to do this well. 

Staff in each of our settings fully embrace innovation and 'forward thinking' and will demonstrate this within their work. Whether dealing with curriculum approaches, innovative IT development, communication with stakeholders, managing financial accounts or offering support and advice across a wide range of areas.  We know the world continues to change quickly and do our best to match this pace of change.


We will always value academic and wider achievement for all children and young people at all ages, ensuring genuine breadth in their experiences.

We know exams are important - but so is experiencing nature, learning to cook, performing on stage, reciting a poem, running a race, learning about mini-beasts and so much more... Our provision within each of our settings will always reflect the diversity needed to educate children holistically as well as academically - whatever their age.


We will continue to value ambition and aspiration highly and strive constantly for everyone involved to experience success, creating a desire for improvement and a 'growth mind set'.

High expectations, a drive for success and a growth mind set underpin our work across the Trust and within each of our settings. This means we employ positive, pro-active staff who believe children can achieve whatever they set their minds to - no glass ceiling - just a desire for each and every child to do as well as they can.


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